Whether it is a highway, hotel, office, hospital, or school for kids, road markings are crucial in maintaining traffic and ensuring the safety of drivers and general users of the premises.

If you think that your commercial property should have upgraded road markings in Basingstoke or you should be aware of the meaning of popular car park markings as a driver – this blog will give a clear idea.

The Importance of Road Markings

Start with the significance of applying and using road markings. They are one of the cost-effective safety measures for cars, drivers and pedestrians. These line-markings are vital to guiding drivers and regulating traffic regarding vehicle speed, positioning of the car on a lane, parking regulations and visual scanning of the surrounding.

They are mainly applied on highways, commercial and industrial properties to control traffic and ensure road safety.

Common Types of Road Markings in the UK

  • Longitudinal Markings: When you see traffic lanes, centre lines, warning lines, no passing zone, border or edge lines, cycle lane markings and bus lane markings, these are known as Longitudinal Markings.


  • Block Markings: Blocks on the roads have such markings to indicate zebra crossing, checkered or triangular markings. These markings are used to guide pedestrians and drivers where to walk and break the speed of the vehicle.


  • Hazard Markings: When there is a prominent or potential hazard on the road, you can see longer and broken white lines. They indicate the hazard ahead and keep the drivers alert.


  • Arrow Markings: They are very simple. Do you need a direction to find a specific road or lane? Follow the arrows. They are worldwide used to give pedestrians and drivers directions to roads on busy streets and highways.


  • Directional Markings: When it is necessary to give specific directions for certain areas to the drivers or the riders, these markings are used. For example, you can find them outside airports, car parks, or on one-way roads.


  • Facility Markings: These are excellent in increasing security and safety at your workplace. From reflective signs to floor marking tapes – they are designed and applied to reduce risks and improve overall productivity.

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