The main objective of car part markings and road markings is to ensure the safety of road users. Whether you are a pedestrian or a driver – these markings will guide you to follow the traffic rules and keep yourself and others safe from road accidents.

Apart from those typical white and yellow markings you see on the highways, there are other types of markings that have words or signs to indicate special instructions and guidance for road users. When driving a car, you should be aware of all these Car Park Markings in Newbury to keep your vehicle safe.

Some of the Common Parking Signs

Parking Bays: A blue signboard with white “P” is the most common sign we all see in parking bays. However, there are other signs also that one can see in various parking areas. Some of them indicate if that parking bay is not for free or has a time limit for vehicle parking, or require a special kind of permit. There are parking bays that are specially designed and allocated for a specific type of vehicle, and other types are not allowed. In that case, you can see that P sign along with the pictures of that particular type of vehicle for which that area is designed and built.

Permit Holders Only: In many cases, it is normal to restrict the parking of vehicles at a certain bay during a particular time of the day or certain days of the week. You can see the sign of ‘permit holders only’ or ‘resident permit holders only’ in those particular parking zones. However, parking can be availed for free right there outside that set time zone. If there is no specific time or day mentioned, you need to understand that it is restricted for general vehicles at all times.

Local Signs: In some typical areas you can enjoy free parking for a shorter period and have to pay the parking fees if that time extends. Tickets are available to count your time of parking. Local signs will help you to understand the norms of parking fees payment.

Yellow Road Markings: When it comes to car parking markings, you cannot ignore Ground Markings in Basingstoke. These markings aim to provide organised traffic while various cars are being parked in the same area.

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