Most schools opt for playground markings to encourage children to play and socialise more. It is an innovative method to support their learning and development. For many years, schools have understood the importance of outdoor space and playground markings to encourage pupil development. This is why they choose to hire a reputable company for ground markings in Reading

Benefits of Playground Markings 

Encourage physical activity 

With an average child spending just seven hours every week outdoors, they spend more time inside playing video games. Hence encouraging them to participate in physical activity has become a challenge. To push children to be active during breaks and lunchtime, playground markings have played an important role. It provides them with a dedicated space to enjoy the outdoors.  

Paints on the surface can include grid based games like snake and ladder, football and basketball pitch markings, hopscotch squares, colourful lines and more.   

It initiates imaginative play in small children. Children of all ages can also engage in meaningful play. When they get the right tools for participation, it automatically enhances their social and personal skills. Sports instil teamwork, communication and resilience among children. These markings are also done for indoor games, inside stadiums.  

Social and personal skills 

The ground is an extension of the classroom. Here the teachers can facilitate social learning among students. The creative use of playground and sports marking contributes effectively. Schools try to be innovative in this aspect, choosing to do painted maps and mazes, full-size board games, targets for dartboards, A-Z and numerical on the floors so that children can learn together.  

Children learn to verbalise based on their imagination through these fun and exciting games. It also helps in the development of motor skills and easy hand-eye coordination.  

Learning resource 

For the children, the playground markings work as innovative learning resources. The schools can prefer teaching the students early learning concepts interactively and freshly. You can choose markings to teach your students maths, English and phonics. There are structure based number games that make learning fresh and interactive. Instead of being confined to classroom learning throughout the day, playground markings can be vital resources for students as their learning skills develop.        

Easy to Install and long-lasting 

The benefit of playground markings is that they are long-lasting and easy to make on the ground surfaces. Most companies today use thermoplastic markings. These are quick and easy to lay on the ground, and become ready to use in a day. Thermoplastic playground markings are, therefore, highly durable, sustainable and meant for long term usage. You can keep your school playground constantly updated so that children find it fun and enjoyable. 

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